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At The Doors

Most people remain hidden behind their door, literally and figuratively, in isolation, and even fear, of those that live nearby or next door.   The road to community change must begin with intentional steps to connect and build authentic relationships, one on one or in small teams.  We help design and implement intentional moments of door-knocking (or other individual connections) as a pivotal, powerful practice infused throughout a community change campaign.

Trek Development Corp, Pittsburgh PA

One of our favorite examples is when we helped the executives and site managers at Trek Development Group, a private housing organization, develop a door-knocking campaign to begin the long process of building back trust with residents of a complex they recently purchased and redeveloped.   Fear was high on both sides of the table.  But with creativity, persistence, and consistency, the team successfully reversed a toxic environment for both residents and staff workers.


Washington Housing Conservancy, Washington DC

In Fall 2022, we helped colleagues at Washington Housing Conservancy introduce themselves to neighbors living near an apartment complex that they recently purchased.  The neighborhood has endured many years of crime and violence, and WHC hopes to build the kind of trust and understanding with residents, neighbors and partners to tackle the challenge with fresh eyes and energy.


Enterprising Latina's

In Spring 2022, we supported our friends at Enterprising Latinas in a day of visiting – at the door – people who participate in their programs.  The objective was two-fold: connect as human beings and invite them to join their new network and campaign for economical equity in Wimauma.  This picture illustrates our core principle that wisdom is everywhere.

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