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In the Rooms

Planning with small leadership teams or designing action learning rooms or helping to shape a community conversation or marketplace, these "rooms" are critical pivot points in community life and within organizations.  We help create a moment of clarity about the why, and co-design solutions to the what and how's.  We help groups shape HUMAN CENTERED spaces and practices thar feature fairness, open access, relationship strengthening, fun, and productivity.  Always we use the TSP Golden Rule.. "ONLY DESIGN FOR OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD INVITE YOUR CLOSESTS LOVED ONES TO.  In other words, if you wouldn't invite your momma to this .. we go back to the drawing board. 

TSP always offers to be in the room, when its appropriate, to help model and guide in real time and to be a part of the relationship building. We like making new friends. 

We were so fortunate to work with Enterprising Latina's ELI and its dynamic Executive Director Liz Guttierez.  TSP works closely with the leadership team, the Board of Directors and the full staff to develop a new narrative and key pivot points as the organization was facing new growth and new strategy challenges. 


Community activists need love and comfort and space. We are lucky to have a home with lots of space to share and we have committed to use it as a Reflection-Action Lab, where we can think and question and invent and have lots of good fun, music and exercise.  In 2017 we hosted a series of 4 Kick-Back Weekends where activists from across the US came in groups of 10-12 to reflect on the 2016 Election and ideas for Kicking Back!


Enterprising Latina's Inc., Tampa, FL

Signal Cleveland and Documenters Network, Cleveland, OH

Kick-Back Weekends in Saxapahaw

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